Jul 3, 2011

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5 Tips to Think About Mom, Dad and Ourselves

5 Tips to Think About Mom, Dad and Ourselves

By Sonia S Morrison
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HEALTH: Are their doctors providing consistent and accurate care for them? Are they taking their medications as prescribed? Are there any reactions to the medications they are taking? Anemia and dehydration occur more frequently with elders. Anemia may increase the risk for falls, and dehydration may increase the risk for infection. Are they eating properly? Are they able to shop or do they need a delivery service? Be sure to respect their need for independence and ask to share in their health care experience.

SAFETY: Sometimes repairs or things not working properly in the home are taken for granted or forgotten about. Collaborate with them regarding what repairs are needed. Are the batteries for the fire alarms changed on a routine basis? How about the fire extinguishers, are they up to date? Is the environment clutter free? Are there any throw rugs or cords which could increase the risk of falling? is the lighting optimum? Is there a clear plan for emergencies?

FINANCE: Are mom and dad secure with a fixed income and able to meet their basic needs? Are they able to manage their finances independently? Are their insurance policies and prescription plans up to date and adequate? Be thoughtful of privacy and suggest reviewing requests for causes together, in order to avoid fraud.

SOCIAL: Has their socializing decreased? If so, there is an increased chance for physical and mental decline, such as depression and Alzheimer’s. There may be a physical or emotional cause that needs to be addressed. Incontinence or inability to control urine and feces affects one of very six Americans. This may be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, however, worthwhile in decreasing further complications. Transportation or other issues could be factors to consider, as well. Adult daycare and in home support services may be helpful in addition to regular family visits to clarify and rectify issues as they become clear.

PAPERWORK: Will their rights be protected by completed Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care and Advanced Directives? Are their will and other legal documents in order?

These are some great things to think about for yourself, on a regular basis, also. Sometimes being a Family Caregiver starts earlier than we imagine. Being a role model for our own self-care, may be a way to thoughtfully introduce challenging topics. How do we respect the privacy, independence and dignity of our parents? How can we communicate effectively, as we explore new roles? What do you think?

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