Who I am:

Sonia Morrison is in the business of bringing JOY to Caregivers.

What I do:

I mentor caregivers to garner success in Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Why I do it:

Sonia Morrison has been a Registered Nurse Case Manager for over twenty years and is committed to optimum health for one and all, especially caregivers! Her additional experience as a Certified Nursing Assistant Instructor and Hospice nurse for many years have, also, honed her ability to problem solve within diverse cultures. Do, Be, Celebrate is a proprietary methodology using the 6 principles of care to live life fully as a caregiver.

Sonia is the author of the recent book, “The Heart of Caregiving, A Guide to Joyful Caring” for family members, published in January 2012. She has authored articles on health and cross cultural communication. She assists others to discover unique insight to our connections and to problem solve creatively. Sonia offers information and tips to balance dreams with reality and provide excellent self-care while caring for others. Sonia has also authored “The Heart of Caregiving, A Guide to Joyful Caring” for Dog Lovers and “The Art of Caregiving; A Guide for Joyful Caring” for Care Providers.

Sonia has traveled in Germany, Mexico, Spain and the United States. Sonia holds a B.S. in Nursing from California State University, Dominguez Hills, CA. She is fluent in English and is conversational in Spanish.

To find out how Sonia can help transform your caregiving to achieve greater balance and focus, contact her at: sonia.morrison@gmail.com

How To Reconnect With Me:

Please see subscription and contact pages. Also, feel free to to connect on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, if you’re active on those networks.

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