Jan 16, 2012

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Caregivers; Are You Ready to Grow?

Caregivers; Are You Ready to Grow?

Are You Ready To Grow?
We need to treat ourselves with dignity by providing for our own health, before we are able to provide care with dignity for our loved ones. To be well balanced and focused in life, self-care needs to be balanced with caregiving. Both self-care and caregiving, with awareness, need to be practiced consistently.
To give optimum care to our loved ones, all six dual principles of self-care and caregiving need to be practiced, regularly. The more you practice, the more skilled you become.
Each chapter includes dual principles of self-care and the mirror actions for caregiving.
Chapter 1 focuses on the first dual principle of being FIT for our own self-care and caregiving with DIGNITY. By focusing on our own mind, spirit and body needs we are more aware and able to assist the mind, spirit and body needs of the person we are caring for.
Having a system in place for this optimum self-care will save many a headache and heartache.
See the Tips at the end of each chapter for a proven success system. What works for one caregiver may not work for another. What works at one time in our lives may not work in another time.
Chapter 1 will begin to share the secrets of successful self-care and caregiving. To be FIT we need to balance all three parts of ourselves; body, spirit and mind. Our body, spirit and mind each need three things; fuel, exercise and rest. When our thinking is correct our success and happiness are nearby.
When we are in balance, our focus and caring are more easily maintained.


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