Nov 19, 2010

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Not Everyone Wants Coffee or Crowds, Really!

Or how not to take things personally. According to my recent studies about 35% of us tend to do this, take things personally. It is part of who we are, and the beliefs we have.

May I tell you a little story to highlight the futility of this belief? OK, let’s say you are in a restaurant ordering breakfast. Three of the four people order coffee and the fourth person does not. The waitress does not take it personally. Same goes for offering information to others, some are interested and some are not. Don’t dilly dally or take it personally,  just move on. The quest for 1,000 NOs is a story for another time.

My 30 day cleanse (Negativity and TV Free Life) is giving me much more time for these studies and is definitely, something I love to live with! Loving being with others living life this thoughtfully. I don’t mind doing what is hard now for easy living later. Being in a unique 3% group for a year is agreeable to me, especially, if it will ensure passive income life for myself and my family.


My thoughts are with the women I met in flight to Houston; one dialysis nurse studying for her Masters degree and celebrating her birthday on her way to join her family, one Aloha spirit mom fresh from Hawaii, on the way to visit her daughter and one recovering from hypoglycemia, joining her family in Guadalajara to celebrate the life of her father. Interesting fact that the only two health professionals on the flight were sitting right next to each other, both celebrating their birthdays this week!

ZamFest is back for Black Friday November 26 and Cyber Monday November 29

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