Sep 19, 2011

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Decrease Heart Disease & Diabetes with Daily Chocolate!

English Dr Adriana Bultrago-Lopez has released her findings in Paris, France August 2011:
One-third less risk for cardiovascular disease by eating more chocolate daily!

A rigorous review 4576 medical articles, including 7 different studies with 114,009 participants were included in the analysis. Results show higher chocolate intake is linked with a 37% reduction in overall cardiovascular disease, a 29% reduction in stroke risk, and diabetes by 31%. Higher chocolate intake was not linked with a reduced risk for heart failure. No link was found between chocolate intake and heart failure.
All studies included all types of chocolate eaten by non-pregnant white people 25-93 years old. One study included Hispanic, African American and Asian. Twelve measures were followed between eight to sixteen years.

The favorable effects of chocolate may be related to the polyphenols found in cocoa and it’s bioavailability of nitric acid oxide leading to insulin resistance, blood lipids, blood pressure, improved endothelial function and reduction in platelet function.


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