Oct 17, 2010

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What Dogs Have Taught Us About People

For years now, Cesar Milan has been telling people that he rehabilitates dogs and train people. This is his motto and what he does. But in the process of all of the dogs and people he has worked with, he has, also, learned a lot about people. When he walks into a home for a consultation, the first thing he says is, “What can I do for you?” Nine times out of 10, people will start with, “Well, my dog does this and my dogdoes that.” And nine times out of 10, he says, “And what are you doing and how are you feeling?”

The reason is simple. Dogs communicate though energy. In their natural packs, the pack leader is the one who provides protection and direction. He or she is the one who says, “this is what I need you to do and this is when I want you to do it.” But humans don’t communicate this way. We are complex. We have passive aggressive people, we have pasts that characterize our presents, and we have “issues.” Dogs’ issues are a direct result of human influence. Dogs in nature would never follow an unstable leader. They instinctually know who is best fit to lead. But in our domestic lives with them, we choose them. So it’s up to us to provide them with the same calm assertive leadership and fulfill their instinctual needs, rather than to humanize their needs. Dogs are not led by emotions like we are.

What we’ve learned is that the humans will tell us the story, but the dogs will tell the truth. Their behavior, problem or otherwise, will tell me about the human behind the dog.  Let me give you an example. Did you see the Season 7 debut of Dog Whisperer a couple of weeks ago? In that episode, Cesar worked with comedian Howie Mandel and his wife and their aggressive Chihuahua, Lola. Some would think that’s an oxymoron – “aggressive” Chihuahua. But Howie had a real fear of this little dog. Even Cesar wore a glove during the episode to keep things safe. But at the core of their issue was the same as most of the cases Cesar sees – a lack of leadership. It never ceases to amaze Cesar and me, how so many powerful, respected leaders in their industries have no control over their dogs!

What little Lola needed was Rules, Boundaries, and Limitations. And with the help of Cesar’s pack, he got Lola into a state of mind that allowed rehabilitation to take place. Their story was this was an aggressive dog. But the dog’s behavior told me she had no trust in her leaders and this manifested as aggression.

Through all of Cesar’s interactions with people and dogs, one thing Cesar knows for certain. The world is an animal-loving, dog-loving place. The balance is what’s thrown off. So Cesar has made it his mission to continue spreading this message of balance around the world. If we can do this with one dog, and one human at a time, maybe we can eventually bring that into entire communities and countries, so we can all live as Cesar’s greatest teachers (dogs) do – mindfully aware, and emotionally in tune.

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