Dec 11, 2010

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Ever Been to a Donkey BBQ?

Well, here is the proof that my brother is back to his normal lighthearted self. I have just completed an Amazing Ultimate Internet Boot Camp (UIBC), here in Los Angeles. (more on that in a moment), and here I am in Long Beach visiting my baby sister. So, we call my brother, in Corona, to see if he and his wife, are able to join us for a little family BBQ, tomorrow. He asks us if it will be a Donkey BBQ and we say, “What do you mean?” He answers, “Everyone gets a piece of Ass!”   Ha, ha, ha, ha, donkey ass! SO funny, he was on a roll.

I showed my sister my beautiful new Gina Alexander wallet with my six pack of dogs on one side and on the other side, a couple of nieces with me . Wow, it is so new, I can still smell the genuine Italian leather. Lots of room in it and it has a great texture, inside and out. We have both, finishing our Cellerciser bouncing and are going to Park Pantry for brunch, soon.

Bounce Your Way To Health in Just Ten Minutes a Day!

The After twenty years of being a nurse, seeing all of the resulting illnesses related to lifestyle choices, and seeing the difficulty of changing to better simpler choices in diet and activities, I have now, experienced weight gain and reduction for myself, The over fifty-five years old challenge of battling with hormones and bad habits. After much research and practice, what I have found to be the most fun, efficient and effective are the Cooking Right for Your Type and Cellerciser. Please follow along and give me feedback.

UIBC 5 days of intense learning and fun really was amazing and I have a new website business, in progress.I posted my first video on utube and now, know how to upload photos to facebook. We learned simple things like opening tabs to big things like monetizing methods (which is what I went for), becoming an internet pro and so much more.Time for brunch, so I will leave you with this quote and more later.

The greatest thing is, at any moment, to be willing to give up who we are in order to become all that we can be. -Max Dupree

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