Jan 6, 2012

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Six Dual Principles of Caregiving and Self-Care

`The Heart of Caregiving A Guide to Joyful Caring
DISCIP-line and the meaning of your Right Hand
The principles that guide the discipline of nursing are held in the right hand. The bottom line thinking to provide this discipline, consistently, may be spelled out to help remember them. These bottom line principles of DISCIPline may be applied to any situation and may be easily remembered. The last four letters of discipline rest upon the right wrist and the “DISCIP” in the palm and on each digit of the right hand represent the six principles of caregiving; dignity, independence, safety, communication, infection control, and privacy.

See the photo of right hand and the video link below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvPU2DeTQRA
Dignity is held in the palm of the right hand. Respect is the center of all caregiving.
Independence is represented with a thumbs-up for what you are able to do for yourself.
The pointer finger represents safety, just like when your teacher or mama may have shaken that finger in your face; it was a way to caution you and keep you safe.
The middle finger represents a very specific communication in some cultures. In this instance, it stands for and represents all communication.
The ring finger represents infection control. I experienced, firsthand, many a hangnail that turned into painful infections.
Last and not least, the pinky finger represents the need to provide a little privacy.
Peace and the meaning of your Left Hand
Your left palm holds peace and being FIT.
The left pointer finger represents gifting your time, attention, energy, thinking and being FREE of clutter, physical and mental.
The middle finger represents FAMILY, in the center of the left hand.
The Heart of Caregiving

Sonia S. Morrison
The ring finger holds the key to our FINANCES. By taking tiny steps daily we can reach our bigger goals more easily.
The pinkie finger holds and represents the FUTURE.
To remind you, note the pictures in each chapter and the video link, below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WakiZrKyKCw&feature=r elated
In my experience, a positive mental attitude will bring success every time. Freedom from fear is very liberating and possible. Being present to the reality of the moment helps to shift away from the monkey mind of distress. Being in the moment, allows us to be able to take action and separates us from the paralysis of the negative thinking. Negative thinking examples are what-if and if-only.
An open mind on all subjects and toward all people is worth striving for. This self-discipline of openness will allow us to grow the wisdom of understanding people, while being engaged in the labor of love, caregiving.
Often we need to take time to reflect, realize and remember the strengths we have to offer. The willingness to share these blessings with others will best guide our actions and build our faith. This faith will grow our hope of future achievement and provide financial security.


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