Nov 4, 2010

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Frustrated?-Success in 10 Steps

The Six Pack in Cool Santa Cruz

Here I am in HOT Corona, CA having a great time visiting my brother. Plenty of time to to be grateful for my wonderful life. Thank you Tony for caring for our six pack of dogs. I am excited about my upcoming workshops and even more excited about continuing my 30 day Cleanse from TV and any negativity. Makes all the difference having support from my new Master Mind Group.

Birds of a feather flock together! Have you ever heard the story of geese? How they fly together in the most efficient way, taking turns when the leader gets weary or injured. When one needs to rest and recover, they are accompanied, until they are ready to rejoin the flock.

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Birds of a feather, flock together:
Have you e’er been walking and seen in the sky
A flock of geese flying and perhaps wondered why?
They fly in a V-shape—not in some other form
Such as small groups or large groups or straight as the norm.
No feathered brain fowl, these geese really know
How to travel efficiently where e’er they go.
The V has a purpose, aerodynamically smart,
Those birds are good buddies; each one does its part.
They’ve got a neat system that’s often been shown
To provide for hurt geese so they’re not left alone.
And although their squawking won’t make a sweet song,
They honk to encourage each other along.
There’s rarely a goose with its neck out of joint
Cuz each one gets its chance to fly at the point.
So there’s never a leader too tired to lead
For each goose is primed for its turn when there’s need.
All of the creatures live lives that can teach
Us humans some lessons! And geese surely preach
How to learn and to lead, to build up and to bond
Why geese can show teammates how they could respond
To each other like geese as they fly. Don’t you think?
We could be Team Honkers and teammates in sinc?
By Linda Pederson 3/29/94

deal with frustration

After two years of struggling to create passive income and spending more than $30,000 for business and personal education,

I am finally connected to a system that works for teaching me and others HOW to think instead of what to think.

I have added a few new links to my site; Mentoring for Free, Success in 10 Steps, 5 Pillars to Success, Colors to Success. Colors are a great way to understand the different patterns that groups of people function with. Re-evaluation Counseling,, is the only other organization that has been this life changing. Emotions are Energy In Motion. Positive examples are Desire, Faith, Love, Enthusiasm, Hope, and Prosperity. Negative examples are Fear, Jealousy, Hatred, Revenge, Greed, Superstition, Anger, and Lack

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