Jul 16, 2010

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Changes and Gratitude

Unable to sleep…missing my magnesium calcium supplement powder called Calm. Loaned it to a friend. I will check to see if I am able to order it through my 5% money back drugstore.com via ZamZuu. Tucker has accompanied me to my office and is scratching away. Time for the monthly application of  flea medication for all six dogs. So glad 1 800 PetMeds is on my money back ZamZuu. Petsmart is, also, on money back ZamZuu. Both Ginger and Tucker are looking great after their haircuts, however, I think Ginger is more photogenic. You be the judge.

So what has interrupted my sleep this week? Job eliminations at the hospital. Dear and near friends are leaving today and several have already left. Some staff only had two days notice, not two weeks. Like my young friend, Puneet, who has her masters in Nutrition and the rationale for her job elimination is simply unknown. Puneet has excellent clinical skills, has worked at SVMH for three years, places in the middle for senority in the Dietary department and is the sole provider of health insurance for herself, her one year old daughter and her husband, who is self employed.

On the other hand, our director was given notice and stated she was leaving last Wednesday, and then this Wednesday, it was announced that she was able to negotiate to stay. Another coworker negotiated an early retirement and left without saying goodbye to anyone, other then her supervisor. Decisions, decisions, of what to do. I am exploring a couple of teaching positions and continuing to grow my amazing internet business. Shall I negotiate an early retirement from the hospital? If so, how and when? How to decide if this is the turning point? How do I acknowledge my coworkers and make good choices for myself?

The birds are chirping already. I have been awake for a couple of hours, the first hour trying to go back to sleep and the second hour on the computer. I just want to say I am glad I share listening time with three newly divorced dads on a weekly basis because, it helps me to not feel alone in dealing with my daughter-in-law. Now, my Tuesday play dates with my son and amazing four year old granddaughter have turned into ‘supervised’ visits with her mom, weekend-yet to be arranged. Hopefully, this will be an opportunity for direct communication and heal our estranged relationship. Unfortunately, my son has become the intermediary.

One of my coworkers has returned from Russia and another just returned from Hawaii. I am looking forward to travels with Tony, a couple of weeks in Germany and then on my own for the ZamZuu convention in Illinois. Just last month I enjoyed a family reunion with ten females (mostly, sisters and nieces) in Coronado and stories with my brother in Corona. It was so amazing and heartwarming to hear about my brother’s life during a time we had been separated from each other. A time when he grew from a teen to an adult, 16-26 years old. I am three years younger. Joel became a journeyman meat cutter for those ten years and I glimpsed the profound feelings related to his mentor and experiences.

I am grateful for the job, money (credit score 738!), home and family I now have. I am pleased with my good health and that of my family. My brother’s Parkinson’s seems to be stable at this time. All is well with our animals and garden. The fog and warmth are a nice balance. Looking forward to the weekend, walking and dancing.

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  2. Thanks for the interesting read! Alright playtime is over and back to school work.

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  8. Thanks for the tip!

    I am going to add your blog to my list!

  9. What does “a bit off in Chrome” mean?

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