Dec 27, 2011

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Happy Healthy New Year!

It is a beautiful day. I am grateful for my brother-in-law, Boots McGhee’s expertise as a photographer. I had some great laughs thanks to my honey’s antics and will be updating my site soon.
Hope this new year 2012 finds you making progress with your goals for being FIT, having FUN, being FREE, while enjoying FAMILY, lucrative FINANCE and the FUTURE of your dreams-inch by inch and row by row.
Special note to Caregivers everywhere; Remember the Six Principles of Care to lighten your load; DIGNITY, INDEPENDENCE, SAFETY, COMMUNICATION, INFECTION CONTROL AND PRIVACY.

Just want to share this meditated confession of a poem from one of my patients, who hopes to inspire others to quit smoking:

The Draw of that Alluring Cigarette by Alpha Myhre

Fascination was so strong
I didn’t realize I was doing wrong
But here I lie in a hospital bed
Reflecting on this road I led
I made the wrong turn way back then
Today, I’m paying dearly for the damage it’s done
So, today, I’ve decided to change my route
I am giving them up, there is no doubt.
It won’t be easy, I agree
But it will be wonderful to be free
of this tobacco hold on me.
So, if you really want me to attain this goal
Please help me keep my control
If you can help me bring this to an end
Then you are truly a valued friend


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