The Heart of Caregiving, A Guide to Joyful Caring

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About the Book
“I have had the honor of working with Sonia during my tenure as the Health Promotion & Childbirth Education Coordinator and now the Level II Dept. Secretary at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. She is the utmost professional, very compassionate and respectful of all patients and their families as well as her coworkers. My husband and I had the blessing of her assistance during my mother-in-law’s illness and passing – we could not have survived without Sonia’s help. Sonia has always responded enthusiastically to my calls for volunteers to work in the community. Evaluations from those who participated always loved her knowledge and enthusiasm. She is a blessing and joy to work with.”
~Marta Martinez Fife, CLC, LCCE Academic Executive Assistant at Chartwell School.
Harness Your Passion and Healthy Caring This uplifting and inspirational story takes you on a journey with one women of unconditional love, as she travels through the world of healthcare and education, in search of balance and focus. Sonia shares with a focused passion, the story of wisdom collected over twenty years as a caregiver, providing balance for all. Her passion for making things right shines through and has found it’s way to balance and focus for caregivers.
Born in Los Angeles, CA second of five daughters and two sons, Sonia studied Counseling, Nursing and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. Sonia has specialized in Oncology End of Life Care, over a span of more than twenty years, educating nursing assistants and family members as caregivers, in the hospital, home, school and facility settings. She succeeded early in her profession and continued with joy, developing international relationships that developed with her work. When she decided to change her life in 2008 and live her dream of making a difference in the world, she eschewed all the traditional limited thinking and took action to live a different way of life.

Listen to the twenty-nine minute meditation daily
Write three pages daily in the journal
Use the calendar to stay focused,
Repeat your personalized audio three times, at least twice a day.

If you are donating as a gift to someone, please be sure to include their name for the personalized recordings.

All net proceeds from the sale of the book,
The Heart of Caregiving, A Guide to Joyful Caring,
go to caregiving dogs.

Buddy, Tucker, Gabby, Ginger, Georgia and Charlie
March 17, 2007

Cost for Caregiving Seven Dogs is $5,000-$7,500 annually

Buddy was born March 9, 2001 to my Salinas, CA coworker Renee Harding and Buddy’s AKC registered Beagle parents, Sherman’s Thunder (sire) and Peabody’s Little Buddy (dam). Buddy sweet talked his way into my life on April 23, 2001. I had planned to get a girl, however, he was so talkative and cute, I couldn’t resist. He has an “I want” bay and is very loving and cuddly. He is ten years old and has had several hip surgeries in May 2003 and June 2004. He has grudgingly accepted the many additions to our pack, however, he has a very special place in my heart. All of the dogs know how to walk on leash with discipline, sit, wait, look, release and down (except Ginger). Buddy’s unique tricks are to roll over and tag the laser light. He has done some obstacle course work and loves to be chased and play tug.


Tucker was born 10/25/07 at only 2 pounds 2 ounces. Tucker is a Schih Tzu-Poodle mix male who came to us the following October 2008. I had met Tucker amongst the litter when he was just a few weeks old. I purchased his one pound one ounce sister, Tutu, as a Christmas gift for my sister, Ramona, in Long, Beach, CA. He is a very fun mixture of dedicated affection, and macho energy. Tucker thinks he is the leader of the pack and he doesn’t need a leash-he practically weaves his way between your feet. He loves to jump into my arms for a cuddle and will make do with his stuffed animal, if I am not available.

Gabby 2012

Gabby a tricolor Beagle came to us from the Monterey SPCA at Christmas .

Ginger was a dred-locked, ill mannered girl when she came to us, an underweight two year old at twelve pounds, needing a home on April 21, 2008. A single mom and her daughter had moved from Atlanta, Georgia to Los Angeles and then Santa Cruz, CA with two older dogs.

Georgia 2012

Georgia Peach is a purebreed Lemon Beagle born June 5, 2006 in Rossville, Georgia and arrived to Santa Cruz, Ca on August 27, 2006. She was such a tiny scared girl.


Charlie was a beautiful King Charles Spaniel mix picked up from the Golden Gate Park and then neutered by the SF shelter July 5, 2002. Charlie came to us from Grateful Dogs Rescue, at approximately one year old. Because he had two prior adoptions and rejections due to “aggressive” behavior toward males, he was scheduled for euthanasia. After eleven loving years with us, Charlie’s heart stopped in his sleep on March 26, 2012. We miss him greatly.

YOUR SELF-CARE HAPPINESS PACKAGE, includes two amazing books, both signed by the authors (each a $19.95 value). Millionaire Mind Intensive Course Certificate, $2,590 value!, a beautiful calendar, two audios; a twenty-nine minute meditation, your 36 personalized declarations and a journal, $9 value.