May 22, 2012

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An Hour Exercise and An Apple a Day, Keep the Doctor Away…

Could it be that we are capable of eliminating most health problems with such a simple solution; an hour exercise and an apple each day? This may be over simplifying the huge problem, however, it does make a lot of sense to me. Why is it, we often, have a difficult time doing the things we know are important for our health, wealth and happiness? I think part of the problem is too many hours of doing and not enough hours of being present to our best thinking. I know for me when I work six days instead of three, I function very differently. I am so glad I have matured to the point of thinking about working smarter versus harder. I am grateful for my hard work of the past and continue to enjoy my present learning opportunities. Please comment or email to let me know what you think of the following information.

According to Medscape,
“Each licensed childcare site should offer opportunities for physical activity, including free play and outdoor play, for a minimum of 15 minutes per hour of care.
Each licensed childcare site should provide at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day for half-day programs and 1 hour for full-day programs.”
“In the United States, two thirds of adults and nearly one third of children are overweight or obese, regardless of age, urban or rural environment, and racial or ethnic origin. This epidemic has created an enormous public health burden regarding chronic disease, disability, and death, as well as an estimated annual cost of $190.2 billion.
The difficulties in treating obesity and the slow progress made in reversing national obesity trends mandate accelerated progress in obesity prevention.”
Therefore, these 5 major goals have been developed.

•    To make physical activity an integral and routine part of daily life.
•    To create food and beverage “environments” that ensure that healthy options are routine and easy choices.
•    To transform messages about physical activity and nutrition.
•    To expand the role of healthcare providers, insurers, and employers in obesity prevention. BE ROLE MODELS
•    To make schools a national focal point for the prevention of obesity.”


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