May 22, 2010

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I love Puppies!

I love Puppies!


Anna and Tucker Fall 2009

Such fond memories of Anna and Tucker last fall, every day with closeness and fun! Beautiful day of sunshine and no wind, today. Met a runner who states her eleven year old daughter has a way with animals and wants to be a Vet. How great that another woman raised with the limiting beliefs of our generation, is encouraging her daughter to go for a big life! This Tuesday, when I see my four year old granddaughter, Alejandra, I will listen to her thoughts about what she thinks she wants to be when she grows up. I haven’t seen her for a whole month, due to my special blog site class with Sandi Krakoski. As you can see, here are the results; a site to blog and share information. Fun, fun, fun! Now I will go book our tickets to Germany in August. Looking forward to seeing Anna and my oldest sister, Irene.

Lemon Beagle

Georgia Peach fresh from Georgia in August 2007

This Lemon Beagle was just a few months old, when she came all the way from Georgia. A peach of a pup! This morning, I will be leading an RC session with a few men  and this evening a leaders group will meet. So great to have time off from working at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital. Looking forward to assisting several people with travel plans, today. I have decided to have and am very excited about learning about a progression chart. More next time…I will leave you with these tips from Cesar Milan:

“In “Raising the Perfect Puppy,” Cesar raises four puppies to show you how to maintain their natural state of balance.

  • Select a puppy with the right energy level for you from a shelter, rescue group, or responsible breeder
  • The best way to bring your puppy home for the first time, including tips for introducing a baby
  • The first walk, including leash-training techniques
  • Deal with unwanted behaviors such as separation anxiety, overexcitement, possessiveness, chewing, aggression, and more – before they become full-blown issues
  • Fun games to bring out your puppy’s “dog” instincts and “breed” background
  • Develop your dog’s social skills with other dogs at the dog park
  • The simple, surefire method for housebreaking, including the use of puppy pads
  • The importance of spaying and neutering and how to make it easier on your puppy
  • And tips for many more everyday activities, such as mealtime, bedtime, swimming, and playtime

Everybody dreams of having a perfect dog – one that is happy, healthy, well-balanced, and socializes well with other animals and people. Cesar shows you how to make this dream a reality.”

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