Jun 29, 2010

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The Five Minute Acupressure Face Lift

The   Five   Minute   Acupressure   Face   Lift

Here is a 5-Minute Acupressure Face Lift to smooth wrinkles and firm up the face.
To draining the lymph system and smooth the skin
· Begin at the center of the forehead using the thumbs, and stroke across the eyebrows. Repeat 3 times.
· With the pads of the thumb, move from the outside edge of the eyebrows to the hollow in front of the ear (Fig 1).
· Using 3 inner fingers of both hands to massage the back of the neck from middle towards outside for 30 seconds with circular motion.
To lift and tone the face, chin and neck
· Stroke upward in lines from the eyebrows into the hairline. Repeat 3 to 5 times (Fig 2).
· Press on DU20 (the point on the very top of the head) to bring energy upward. Repeat 3 to 5 times.
· Using the pads of the thumbs, stroke in a circular motion from the eyebrow to temple to jawline and to the points below the eye. Repeat 9 to 12 times (See Fig 3).
For neck wrinkles:
Stroke upward from the collar bone to the jawline. Repeat 3-5 times (See Fig 4).
(FYI..I include these strokes in my bodywork sessions)
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