Sep 7, 2010

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One for Nan-Other Doglovers

Absolutely great day, so far, for me.

Had a great walk with my 6 pack and a new friend with two of her three dogs. Then I came home and looked at a couple of swing dance utubes that I put on my facebook. Now I am doing my blog and reviewing Argentine Tango for the lesson I will give on the next 3 Thursdays. I will practice, in person, with my friend Alicia at the Wednesday night class. Then to do some ZamZuu calls and RC sessions. Taught a great RC class last night and made a difference for lots of patients, family and doctors over the weekend. I will put a link for so you can learn more about this great tool that has made a world of difference in the quality of my life.

My son, Lars, is Amazing

He illuminates important issues in a light, visceral, powerful and moving way. The opposite of what I often find elsewhere. He is a dad, husband, bartender DJ (extralars) and 38 year old son. You can check out his facebook, Lars Henri, for some great tunes. Questions are another powerful way to gain perspective on how to recover from unaware oppressive thoughts and feelings of entitlement-which everyone holds, no matter what gender, age, race or class. Here are some examples:  “What is it like living on Native land today?” and “What is it like contributing to the ongoing genocide of Native people and destruction of the land through using almost all of the resources?”. Or more simply; “I am going to take all the resource!!”, “You are incredibly stupid and I am incredibly smart!”, “I really don’t care about you at all–I only care about myself”. “I win and you lose”. “I get whatever I want and you get nothing” “I am better than you”. Great gobs of laughter may result, with possible, tears following. See the new link above to the right, to get more information of the healing process.

Barking Up the Wrong Tree?

Cesar Milan says: I get questions about barking almost every day. And unlike other common behavior problems, with barking it’s almost always the same problem and solution. What I tell people is this – barking is natural! It’s one of the most important ways dogs communicate. Energy is their main form of communication, but some barking is normal. It can be a form of warning or protection; it can be to let others know “this is my territory;” and it can even be a form of excitement, such as when a dog barks when he wants a ball. The bottom line is simple – as the pack leader, you should be able to control the barking if it becomes excessive or obsessive. And if it’s normal barking, it isn’t something that you’d consider “a problem.”

Barking in general

When I see people who cannot manage their dog’s barking, I see people who have trouble managing their life too. People who are not balanced. The dog, therefore, is following an unstable leader and is looking to be challenged. He can’t express this lack of stimulation, so he barks. He’s telling you he’s bored! Obsessive barking is the manifestation of a dog telling you “my needs are not being met” over and over and over again. The result? A frustrated human.

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