Jan 27, 2013

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Nursing to Coaching

Sonia Morrison

Sonia Morrison's The Heart of Caregiving, A Guide to Joyful Caring

How teachable are you?
Are you willing to change things in your life?

The most important thing I have learned through the health coach training program, is how invaluable persistence and commitment are. Hilton Johnson Coach Trainer states, “Building a successful small business from scratch is like going through boot camp in the Army. You wouldn’t want to do it again but you wouldn’t trade the experience for a million bucks.”

Small Simple Things
I found that seemingly small, simple things to me, as a Registered nurse for 22 years, has made a big difference to caregivers and their families. For example, when assisting someone, cradling instead of grabbing, allows them to feel more respect and keeps you, both, safer. I have a burning desire to positively affect the quality of life for caregivers and their loved ones. This passion to bring more joy into the world of caregiving has led me to join Hilton Johnson’s Health Coach Training program and write the book, The Heart of Caregiving, A Guide to Joyful Caring.

Step By Step
Hilton’s clarity on the reality for success in coaching, with the step by step approach, has been very enlightening. As Hilton states, “The most important skill in business to master is a good Presentation. It will take you about two hours a day for three months to learn a good sales presentation from start to finish.” This information allowed me to be happy now, while striving for improvement. My wish is to provide this same happiness and improvement to caregivers.

Struggle and Depression
Many caregivers struggle to continue working outside the home, while providing care for family members. Challenges arise for fitting self care activities in and can result in depression. Resources and baby steps, which are created in collaboration with the values of each caregiver, and may make a profound difference in the quality of life for themselves and the lives they touch.

Audio Chapters Coming Soon
As I continue to share The Heart of Caregiving, A Guide to Joyful Caring in the community, I am creating audio options for the six chapters in The Heart of Caregiving A Guide to Joyful Caring, Each chapter includes one of the principles for self care and giving care. In addition, I am currently collaborating with the leaders and coaches in the “Secrets to Life” Coaching Program, in order to build my awareness, understanding and experience with energy in groups.

Sonia Morrison RN, Case Manager, Author, Coach HC72
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