Oct 22, 2010

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What Seperates the Good From the Great?

10 second read The Rose posted by Coehlo and Illustration by Ken Crane

A rose longed for the company of the bees, but none would come to her.
Even so, the flower was still capable of dreaming. When she felt all alone, she would imagi­ne a garden filled with bees that came to kiss her. And so she managed to resist until the next day, when she opened her petals again.

“Aren’t you tired?” another rose asked her.            “No. I have to go on fighting.”          “Why?

“Because if I don’t open up, I wither.”


Una rosa que deseaba la compañía de las abejas, pero ninguna se le acercaba.
A pesar de todo, esta flor aún era capaz de soñar: Cuando se sentía sola, imaginaba un jardín cubierto de abejas, y que todas venían a besarla. Y conseguía resistir hasta el próximo día, cuando, una vez más, abría sus pétalos.

-¿No te sientes cansada? –pregunto otra rosa.
-No. Tengo que continuar luchando.
-¿Por qué?

-Porque si no me abro, me marchito.

I have really been enjoying this precious time at home to think and ponder. I feel fine as long as I am hydrating and resting. I had no exercise for two days and today returned to my Cellerciser and the discipline walk with the dogs. Had a nice visit with Sue and her dog, Daisy. Here are some great ZamZuu thoughts.

You Never Know

“You never know.” If we can keep these three words in mind whenever we’re faced with a decision that might make a difference in someone else’s life–no matter how small a difference it may be–then we might always make the choice to do the nice thing, the kind thing, the compassionate thing.

And that small act of ours may just turn someone’s day around. The other person may need exactly that which we’ve given, just as a glass of water is just what a thirsty person needs–it’s not all that much, when all is said and done, but its effect is amazing.

“Do it anyway.” It really doesn’t matter if you see any results or not, because we shouldn’t be doing things in order for what we get in return. We should be able to let go of expectations and just give to the world and other people because we want to add to the positive energy of the world, not because we want to get something in return. And when we can let go of expectations, then we truly can change other people’s lives by contributing to them in positive ways.

Don’t be afraid a kind act will go unnoticed. It doesn’t matter if it does. The important thing is that it’s been done, and a contribution has been made to the collective good of the world. Do your kindness and release it to life, and then find somewhere else where you can do another kindness. You’ll be richer for it, as will the world.

“Heart is what separates the good from the great.”

~Michael Jordan

“After hitting all my dreams, visions, goals, and looking for my own miracle, I’ve learned something more important: I can become someone’s miracle. Let’s kick some butt in this life! Help as many people as we can!” ~Submitted by Luke Balmer


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