Jun 20, 2010

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SUMMER Discount Dining and Sonia’s 6 Pack

Happy Summer Solstice!

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Charlie, Georgia, Buddy, Tucker, Gabby, Ginger

Charlie, Georgia, Buddy, Tucker, Gabby, Ginger

Are They All Yours?

Many people ask me, “Are they all yours?”, when I take my pack of 6 dogs for a walk around the neighborhood yacht harbor and park. They smile and verbalize their amazement that they are so well behaved. Many dog owners share stories of their challenges of being a good pack leader with one or two dogs. Sometimes I have them really show off and take them through their down, sit, rollover, up, wait, etc. For a few days we had a seventh dog, a very fine fellow terrier, named Otis and he rejoined his true pack after a few days as our guest.

Plus one-Otis

Buddy Buddha

April 23, 9 years ago, I purchased a purebred male Beagle puppy, Buddy (2/1/01), from my coworker in Salinas, CA. I had been planning to get a female, however, because he was the most vocal and inquisitive, I let him choose me. He had hip problems and repeat surgery before he was even three years old. Buddy is still the most vocal, baying for his meals, on occasion. I call it his “I want” bay, he used to do it all the time when a ball or toy got stuck somewhere he couldn’t reach it. He has the most beautiful brown eyes and is a very mellow fellow, getting along well with dogs and people.

Charlie The King

August 2002 Charlie, a male. micro-chipped and unbalanced one year old King Charles Spaniel from Small Paws Animal Rescue/SF Grateful Dog Rescue joined our family. He was very aggressive, charging and barking. My partner’s dog had died a few months earlier, in May. Both dogs pulled at the leash and it was very  challenging and uncomfortable to take them for a walk. Thank goodness, this is when I discovered Cesar Milan and became a pack leader. It took some time to understand dog behavior and do the things I learned, consistently, however, it has paid of ten fold in the joy and confidence we both, now have. Charlie thinks he is the king of the household, so we both need to be consistent pack leaders.

Gabby Girl

Later, I fell in love with some beautiful lemon Beagle puppies and chose not to get one, at the time. Instead, on December 22, 2004, we rescued a purebred tricolor Beagle girl, Gabby (1/6/04) from the Monterey County animal shelter. My partner had seen her with a Santa hat, on the news. Originally, from Battle Creek, Indiana,  Gabby was with the previous family for 9 months and they gave her up due to illness in the family, a sick child. At first, Gabby seemed more like a cat then a dog, climbing high and not coming when called. She also, had very course hair and a stench, which took years to dissipate. I still call her my wild child, however, her face is grayed and she is much more attentive to my every move.

Georgia Peach

Finally, in August 25, 2006 I did get a purebred Lemon Beagle female from Sounds of the South Beagles; Georgia Peach arrived June 5, 2006. She was an amazing puppy and is still beautiful, an amazing combination of mellow and not. She has mellowed more with exercise and discipline. She has the softest white hair with light brown spots, softer, by far, than any other dog in the six pack. Georgia can become anxious, she need more exercise than most of the other dogs and sometimes she quarrels with Gabby.

Tucker The Sucker

The next addition to our pack was a little black Shitzu/Poodle. Tucker was born in Hollister, CA, 10/25/07. The previous year, from the same coworker, I had purchased his sister, Tutu, as a gift for my baby sister. Tucker, an anxious guy, came to us 10/25/08, because a coworker nurse could no longer care for him. He peed little bits, everywhere. Tucker became very attached very quickly, just the opposite of Gabby. He is a playful mix of frisky assertive with the other dogs and very docile with people. He has a stuffed dog he brought with him when he joined our pack, and he sucks the nose of it, like a pacifier. Really is amazing that this toy has not been destroyed, like many other dog toys over the years.

Cinnamon Changed to Ginger

Lastly, a relocating single mom and teen, were referred to us. They had two older dogs and an eighteen month old dog; Cinnamon was changed to Ginger, she was not neutered, she was very matted, neglected and completely undisciplined. April 22, 2008, Schitzu, Ginger (10/22/06) joined our pack. She is the true wild child, still to this day. Ginger is pretty good with hair brushing these days. Yesterday, we did the whole nail trimming, ear cleaning and teeth brushing. What a struggle! When I take my time and balance a little of what she doesn’t like with what she does now appreciate it goes easier, however, it is a challenge to take the time.

Exercise, Discipline and Affection

Exercise, Discipline and Affection are the motto we live by. My partner has finally, become a pack leader, as well. We have both learned to recognize the behavior of an imbalanced dog. Tony says, “You can teach an old dog new tricks.” I want to educate others regarding the joys of being a pet owner; especially, when the animals are well balanced. It really is simple to help yourself and them, to be balanced. Exercise, Discipline and Affection, in this same order, works well for humans and animals, alike. The Santa Cruz animal shelters are overflowing with dogs and bunnies needing a home.

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