Nov 29, 2010

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Doing Your Best With The Spirit Dog

A Walk of Faith

How your dogs can lead you on a spiritual journey- Cesar Milan

Here’s an exercise I’d like you to try: Next time you have a sunny day, take your dog out for a long walk, find somewhere you can let him off the leash, and play fetch, or just let him go to work scenting. Try to forget about everything else that’s going on in your life and focus on your dog. You see how totally happy and contented he is? Now ask yourself: When was the last time I felt like that?

Your dog is happy because he is fulfilling the purpose for which he was created: to be a dog. But we humans have let our lives become more complicated, so much so that we can lose sight of our purpose, and when our lives are out of balance, we are unhappy.

To begin putting things right, I believe it would help to go on regular spiritual walks, and our dogs are the perfect companions to show us the way.

I find it interesting that in many of the ancient religions, dogs had a special place. For some Hindus a dog was a messenger from the god Yama; Zoroastrians believe dogs guard the bridge to the afterlife; and for the Maya and Aztec people in Mexico, dogs were buried with the dead to lead them into the underworld.

Doing the Right Thing~by Aaron Ballinger

Each day as you wake up, make the decision to strive to do what’s right.

Approach your life as you would your game…

…when you make a mistake, learn from it, correct it, and get ready for the next point. Life moves too fast to sulk and dwell on the past.

…when you’re down, fight harder to get back on top. Life is full of hardships. Fight hard against those feelings.

…when you’re doing everything right and still can’t win, be patient. No matter how good we are or how hard we struggle to make the right decisions, life often makes us wait.

…when you are on top of your game, relax and enjoy it. Life is fully appreciated when we survive adversity and can relax in the sunlight of success.

Each sunrise brings a new opportunity. No matter how bad the day before was, today is brand new. When you wake up, seek the strength and courage to do the right thing.

In Closing

I never had a policy; I have just tried to do my very best each and every day.” ~Abraham Lincoln

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