Jan 21, 2012

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Start Your Day With Joyful Caring

Start Your Day With Joyful Caring

The Heart of Caregiving, A Guide to Joyful Caring by Sonia S. Morrison
Start Your Day (or end your day) with 15 minutes of writing,
Two thumbs up, if you remembered to have fun!
Write enough time to fill three pages, and answer the following questions:
What Am I Grateful For?
What Do I Appreciate About Myself?
What Do I Appreciate, About My Life?
What is my Focus for Today?
How May I Remain Balanced?
How Can I Be of Service?
How can I have fun?
Left Hand: You, truly, hold peace in the palm of your hand.
Try this exercise, whenever you are stressed. Simply breath-in peace, with your left hand over your heart and breath out stress. Repeat this several times and you will find a moment of peace that you can return to at any time or place. Close your eyes, if this helps you to focus inside for a moment. Remember to make choices that feed your spirit.
Our caregiving spirits may be fueled by special quiet or creative time. Often this refueling time is represented by creative space and meditative time. Meditative time can be simply breathing in and out with attentive presence. For some caregivers this refueling is being in nature and for other caregivers, it is daydreaming. Expression of our spirit through the art of making things with our hands can be very fulfilling. Reading something inspirational; like a story, a poem, a quote, or other inspirational guide, provides exercise for the spirit.


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