Oct 19, 2010

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To Thine Own Self Be True

Joys of Owning A Home Based Business:  1. No Boss.

Plan your own workday. Monitor yourself. Set priorities. Set it up so it’s fun for YOU. 2. No income ceiling. 3. Self-satisfaction. YOU create the business. YOU get credit. 4. Work with people you like. No difficult co-workers. No office politics. 5. Flexibility. Work the hours you want to fit in with your life & family. If your best working hours are 2 am to 5 am, you’re free to do that. 6. No commuting. Save time & money. 7. No office expense = quicker profit. 8. Security. No layoffs. No downsizing. 9. Tax deductions: home office, car expense, medical insurance, phone, entertainment, travel, education, etc. 10. Better retirement plan: SEP IRAs & Keoghs let you deduct a higher percent of business profit than your 401K. Additional benefits of an MLM opportunity:

1. Low start-up cost: You can probably get everything you need to start, including leads to follow up with, for less than $300. Most businesses take thousands of dollars in start-up capital. 2. No expensive training. In fact, training is available for you and ALL your people to succeed in this business, 5 nights a week on the phone at 8 pm Eastern time, for FREE! 3. No administration hassles. You’re self-employed, but you’re a rep for an established company which handles all the product selection, research & devel- opment, shipping, warehousing, etc. 4. Keep your regular job until your “part-time” income is high enough to re- place it. © Copyright Mentoringforfree.com. – All Rights Reserved. 67 5. No expensive tools necessary. You need a phone. A computer is helpful. But your most critical tool is people skills, and we will teach you those FREE! And Finally, The 8th Wonder of the World:

6. Residual Income.

You profit from the product purchases & sales of everyone in your group. Nothing is more important to your financial future than the “residual income” concept. Let’s dig into it a bit. To qualify for a paycheck, you must purchase X amount of product each month. When you sponsor someone, you get monthly commissions on THEIR product purchases, for as long as they re-order. To increase your monthly income, just add NEW distributors to your organization. You also profit on your ENTIRE group’s purchases. Once you’ve built a big group, most of your income comes from the work of others. (Which beats the heck out of an hourly wage and ZERO income when you don’t work!) An MLM home based business pays into the future for work you did in the past. As you help your people build their own organizations, YOUR income grows.

After more than twenty years of commuting to another community to work, I have decided to be true to myself. I want be able to be of service in my own community. I like the idea of a balanced life with me in charge versus a company who has no commitment to me. I will be building local connections and be working from home. Reclaiming my amazing health and enjoying the residual income from my ZamZuu shopping and Gina Alexander Handbags. Wish me luck.

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