Jun 15, 2012

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Thoughts for Father’s Day


Action Speaks Louder than Fears

In thinking about role models, mentors and heroes, I asked my partner who his hero. He named women in the movies who do not scream and fall down. This percolated a stream of thought about how I admire all the times I and others have taken action and how much better it feels to do so. Taking action has been something most dads are good at, in order to provide for their families. Some dads are excellent at being fit, having fun in life, being free with their time for friends, family. Some dads are great with finances and future thinking.

These are the six principles of care; fit, fun, free, family, finance and future that help create and maintain a balanced life. Many dads and others have had an experience of fear blocking the next step. A book from 1959 reprinted in 2007 has some great tips. Here is a list of fears and effective actions from page 54, The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz.

  1. Embarrassment because of personal appearance. Improve it. Go to a barbershop or beauty salon. Shine your shoes. Get your clothes cleaned and pressed. In general, practice better grooming. It doesn’t always take new clothes.
  2. Fear of losing an important customer. Work doubly hard to give better service. Correct anything that may have caused customers to lose confidence in you.
  3. Fear of failing an examination. Convert worry time into study time.
  4. Fear of things totally beyond your control. Turn your attention to helping to relieve the fear of others. Pray.
  5. Fear of being physically hurt by something you can’t control, such as a tornado or an airplane out of control. Switch your attention to something totally different. Go out into your yard and pull up weeds. Play with your children. Go to a movie.
  6. Fear of what other people may think or say.  Make sure what you plan to do is right. Then do it. No one ever does anything worthwhile for which he is not criticized.
  7. Fear of making an investment or purchasing a home. Analyze all factors. Then be decisive. Make a decision and stick to it. Trust your own judgment.
  8. Fear of people. Put them in proper prospective. Remember, the other person is just another human being pretty much like yourself.

Give me a fish and I will eat for today; teach me to fish and I will eat for a lifetime. Teach children subject matter, and they have perishable information; teach them how to learn, and they have knowledge and independence for the rest of their lives.

To enable is to supply with the means, knowledge, or opportunity to be or do something — to make feasible or possible.

What are your goals / six principles of care for this Father’s Day weekend?

What actions are you taking to be fit, have fun, be free with your time and thinking with family, finance and future?


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