Apr 27, 2010

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Travels with Wealth and Wisdom

April 27, 2010 Last week, I attended a Peak Potential Wealth and Wisdom workshop in the beautiful Palm Springs desert. I came away with 5 clear intentions, each with an action plan and wrote fifty pages of notes while listening to the excellent and diverse speakers; T. Harv Eaker, Harvey McKay, Barbara De Angelis, Lisa Nichols, Les Brown, Mashall Sylvar, Dean Graziosi, , Jim Kwik, Adam Ginsberg, Brian Tracy and John Gray was very funny talking about his new book, which will be released on May 1, 2010; Venus on Fire Mars on Ice. I am so glad I put myself in a position to glean such gems and meet wonderful participants, as well. We even did the Argentine Tango one evening, which was excellent for me because I needed to brush up on my lead and follow techniques before teaching a private dance lesson. I had an excellent connection on the way to Palm Springs and two excellent connections on the way home from Long Beach to Santa Cruz, CA via Salt Lake City. First great connection was with Mark Warren, a honey smooth voiced, proud daddy, and hidden talk show host functioning as a business development specialist. Second special connection was with Dr. Vicki of the Better Parenting Institute in Florida-a true inspiration goddess. The third connection was with lively smart Camille from San Jose, CA, attending the BY University and getting married in 5 days! I enjoyed sharing Dog Whisperer tips (more details to follow) and Honeymoon Registry (http://www.ytb.honeymoonwishes.com/?agentId=YTB744649), among many other fun topics.

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