Feb 12, 2012

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My Valentine Gift To You

I want to share this little song with you. I spoke with a friend I had not talked to for a year and she recently experienced the loss of a very dear friend. I created this song to share with her and now want to share with you, for Valentines’ Day Celebration. I created the song with two of my very favorite nurse friends. We three are very loving, thoughtful, happy, hard working nurses who like to sing and be at peace. We like to share our gifts and talents with others. We have abundant energy. We live with purpose and passion. We add value to other people’s lives. We spend quality time with the people we love. We create positive and supportive relationships. We are optimistic and live in joy. Time flies when you are having fun! Sonia Morrison would like to thank Janet Merrick and Alicia Kosman for many years of loving support and confidence. Click here to enjoy, buddhist prayer


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