Nov 1, 2010

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ZamZuu & Que Sera Sera?

Sometimes it gets frustrating when we do go to people and they don’t respond well. But whether their response (rejection, disinterest) is a reflection of us or of them, it’s important not to get discouraged when such things happen. We can choose to look at it for what it is: a message from life that this connection isn’t supposed to be right now.

Chuck Being Himself on Halloween 2010

Chuck Halloween 2010

On the other hand, we often find that going to others is a tremendously rewarding experience. We see other people respond quite happily to our interest and our caring, for we’ve put something very pleasant into their lives. When we go to someone, we show interest in who they are and how they’re doing, and many people are yearning for someone to show such interest.

Sitting and waiting for the world to come to you will result in a pretty safe and tedious world. After all, we face no rejection and no hurt. But we also create no reasons why anyone would want to come to us. And yes, we are all inherently valuable human beings, but we never allow others to see and experience our value if we do nothing but sit and wait. And we also never recognize the needs of others who may need someone to come their way every now and then.

Tony being Himself in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico February 2010

“Unless we give part of ourselves away, unless we can live with other people and understand them and help them, we are missing the most essential part of our own lives.” ~Harold Taylor

“Here are some words of inspiration from a 13th century Buddhist priest named Nichiren Daishonin: ‘The deeper the roots, the more prolific the branches. The farther the source, the longer the stream.’ This means that the deeper one’s faith, the more profound life’s benefits become. It also doesn’t mean life’s problems go away, but become a spring board for growth.” ~Submitted by Michael Hunter

Be Yourself

Who are you? Genuinely and sincerely, who are you? And are you trying your best to be that person all the time, no matter where you are, whom you’re with, or the situations in which you find yourself? If you have true self-confidence, then you’ll find that whoever you are, that’s enough for you, and whatever you’re doing, that’s enough for you as long as it truly reflects who you are.

Lena, Anna and Lily Being Themselves in Germany 2010

A strong self-confidence is one of the most important things we can develop if we want to get the most out of this life we’re in. And we lose our self-confidence when we put ourselves in situations in which we don’t really belong–when we’re trying to be something we aren’t. Books are full of stories of people who spent years pursuing jobs they weren’t qualified for or that weren’t fulfilling, or who wasted much of their lives doing things more to impress others than to use their own true skills and abilities.

And those stories can teach us something very important about ourselves and our lives–that when we’re true to who we are, we can’t lose our self-confidence because we’ll be doing what we were called to do, doing things that we know we can do well. And when we’re doing that, our lives become easier and more relaxed, for we don’t have to worry so much about mistakes and failures–we’ll still have both, of course, but in such a place in our lives we’ll be able to deal with them quickly and easily.

Me Being Myself With My Gina Alexander Handbag and The Wild Thing 10/31/10

One great gift I can give to the world is to be myself. And when I focus on being myself my life becomes easier, and I can be myself even better. What a great endless circle that becomes!

ZamZuu Closing

“Self-confidence is so relaxing. There is no strain or stress when one is self-confident. Our lack of self-confidence comes from trying to be someone we aren’t.” ~Anne Wilson Schaef

“When you want to know what’s in people, listen to them talk. What comes out of their mouths is from their hearts and minds. I try to practice thinking before I speak and behave.” ~Submitted by Linda Dixon

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